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Everest Base Camp

Brief / profile

With the altitude of 8,848 meters, Mt. Everest is the highest peak on the earth. In a pyramidal shape, it presents a grand and mysterious view to the world. Many adventurers embrace the dream to conquer it. Totally there’re 2 bases camps on the opposite sides of this mountain.

It stands on the east of the border between China and Nepal. The northern side faces the Dingri County of Tibet while the southern side faces the Nepal.

Architecture / Structure / Each scenery.
The South Base Camp with the elevation of 5,360 meters is located in Nepal while the North Base Camp at 5,208 meters above the sea level is in Tibet.
These two camps are used by mountain climbers during their climbing and descending the mountain. The north one has vehicle access and climbers can have a rest at the camp for several days in order to get accustomed the condition.

Since there’s no public bus between Gyangtse and this mountain, thus tourists need to rent a car.

Admission fee

the admission fee is RMB 64.


Before starting your tour here, tourists should bring hiking boots, warm clothes and UV suntan and so on. In addition, there’re still many other items you need to take such as sneakers, light backpacks, binoculars, fabric bandages etc.