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Zhangmu Town

Brief / profile

With the elevation of roughly 2,300 meters, Zhangmu Town also named Khasa is the border town between China and Nepal as well as a trading post. Endowed with the subtropical climate, this town is mild and humid.


It stands on the mountainside of Qomolangma Mountain and in the south of the Himalayas.

Architecture / Structure / Each scenery.

Thanks to the mild climate, the town is embraced by marvelous mountains, winding rivers, lush vegetations as well as blossoming flowers, presenting charming natural scenery. Along the road in the middle of peaks, tourists will be greeted by rushing waterfalls, giving you another feeling of this little town. When coming here all the year round, you can enjoy all of these.
Moreover, you can visit the houses scattered on the mountainside. The outer walls are painted into red, white, green or yellow. Here, you seldom see the traditional Tibetan houses. There’re various shops along the only road in the Zhangmu Town. And streets and stone stairs link all the houses together, thus it’s really easy for you to find your way. Besides, almost all rooftops boast small gardens, radiating another unique beauty of the town.
Furthermore, as a prosperous harbor, Zhangmu Town enjoys exotic flavor since many foreign goods are coming here from India and Nepal.

Present condition

Nowadays, this town is undergone constructions to cater for the trade and booming tourism.


Since there’s no shuttle bus between Zhangmu Town and Lhasa, visitors can rent a car to get there. in addition, you can also take the only public bus from Lhasa to Zhangmu Town every Friday.

Tourists should bring your ID card or passport for checkpoint. Moreover, you are advised to take raincoats or umbrellas due to the frequent rain in the town. Also skid-proof shoes are necessary because there’re many slippery stone stairs.