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Karola snow mountain

Brief / profile

Karola Snow Mountain is a hot scenic spot in Gyangtse, showing a wonder to the world.


It’s situated the border between Nagarze County and Gyangze County.

Architecture / Structure / Each scenery
As a component of Jin Feng Ning anti-Saudi, this mountain is the biggest one among the La-track Kangri Range. The upper side of the mountain is on a soft slope and there’re 2 Ice Tongues with the length of 3 km and width of 750 meters. The entire mountain covers an area of 9.4 square kilometers. Since there’re full of crannies between the 2 ice tongues, avalanche and icefall often occur.
Besides, due to its striking height, the top is usually covered with thick snow. When looking in a distance, the Karola Snow Mountain is just like a fairyland.