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New Palace of Panchen

Brief / profile

The New Palace of Panchen is an ideal summer resort with a clever combination of traditional and modern architectural styles. Covered with lush plants, it provides a natural and tranquil environment.


It lies in the south of Tashihupo Monastery in the Shigatse.

Function or value in the past

During the reign of the 10th Panchen Lama, this palace was used as his summer palace.

Architecture / Structure / Each scenery.

The New Palace of Panchen possesses 3 gates. The first one has 4 red poles which are used to hold the eaves. All these poles are decorated with carvings of Buddhist stories and figures, presenting great workmanship at that time.
Walking through the first gate, you will be on your way to the 2nd gate with the shape of quadrangle.
After this gate, the splendid palace is just in front of you.
Entering the 3rd gate, you will have a good view of the inner palace such as Panchen Lama bedrooms, Sutra hall and Buddha hall and so on.
In addition, the palace also boasts a lot of precious cultural relics such as marvelous frescos, the most outstanding of which is “Phakpa Meeting Kublai Khan”.
In the southeast of the palace stands the Lingka Woods which is one of the 4 lingkas in Shigatse. During the Lingka Woods Festival, local people will come here to celebrate the festival.

Admission fee.
The admission fee for this palace is RMB 30.