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Tomb of Tibet Kings

Brief / profile

The Tomb of Tibet Kings is a large imperial graveyard with 9 tombs of Tibeten Kings in power from the 7th to 9th century. Among them, the tomb of Songtsan Gampo is the most outstanding one.


It lies on the southeast of Mure Mountain in Qungjie County and roughly 90 km from Tsedang.

Architecture / Structure / Each scenery
The tomb used to be in a square shape. There were 9 chambers inside. A Buddhist Hall is the main one and a coral lamp stood at the center of the hall. Moreover, treasure was stored in the 4 corner chambers.
The door of the tomb opened to the west. Under the tomb stood a broad underground palace with statues of important figures as well as numerous utensils.
There’re 2 stone lions standing at the front of the graveyard. One has been ruined while the other is intact except a broken leg.
The tomb is 13.4 meters high. On its top, there’s temple for worship with the statues of Songtsen Gampo, Princess Wencheng as well as Princess Chi Zu on display. Also the inner tomb is made up of 5 halls. The central hall housed the remains of Songtsen Gampo and his 2 wives. However, most of the surface buildings disappear at present.

Present condition
Nowadays, this scenic spot has been listed as the key historical site under the State’s special protection.


Tourists can get there by bus or car.

Admission fee.

The admission fee for the tomb is RMB 20.


Tourists can take a tour here any time since it’s open to the public all the day.