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Yarlong Tsangpo River

Brief / profile

With an average elevation of about 4,000 meters, Yarlong Tsnagpo River is the highest river in the world. Moreover, it’s the largest one in Tibet area as well as the 6th longest river across China.


The river originates from a glacier on the north of Himalayas and runs 2,057 km throughout Tibet, finally winding into India where it’s named Brahmaputra.

Architecture / Structure / Each scenery.

It will have a sharp turn when meeting snow-covered Namcha Barwas Mountain. The turn is so sharp that the gorge formed is much deeper and more wonderful than the Grand Canyon of Colorado. The canyon boasts 17 snow-capped peaks with an altitude of 6,000 meters. Nevertheless, Yarlong Tsangpo River will drop to 155 meters at its end. In addition, at the deepest point of the canyon, Menba and Luoba people live a primitive life.