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Barkhor Street


Brief / profile
As a symbol of Lhasa, the Barkhor Street is an ancient circular street surrounding the Jokhang Temple with a strong religious atmosphere and exotic flavor.
It’s situated in the downtown area of Lhasa, Tibet.

After the establishment of the Jokhang Temple by Songtsen Gampo in the 7th century, numerous pilgrims came here mainly to worship the Sakyamuni placed in it They walked clockwise around the temple to pay their respect, thus the Barkhor Street formed.
Architecture / Structure / Each scenery.
Paved with hand-polished stone boards, the street is 1 kilometer long and owns a population of about 6,000. It’s a pilgrimage place since you will see Buddhist pilgrims during the whole day when having a tour there. Moreover, it’s also an ideal marketplace to buy beautiful souvenirs. In addition, there’re also a large number of historic interests: such as a small building served as Lhasa’s Yamen, a small 3-story temple used to be the birthplace of Tibetan characters and so on.
Once touring here, you will experience the religious fervor as well as the local culture here and all of these must leave you a deep impression on you.

Tourists are advised to walk clockwise along the street and it’s not preferable to visit the Barkhor Street in the night, since there’re too many lanes and you may easily get lost. In addition, bargaining is necessary when you’d like to buy some articles because different vendors will give different prices.