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Carpet Factory in Lhasa

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Famous for the production of traditional Tibetan carpets, the Carpet Factory in Lhasa is the largest manufacturer in Tibetan Autonomous Region. Its carpets enjoy great popularity among both domestic and overseas people.


The factory is located at Hebailin and near Tibet University.

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With annual output of about 30,000 miles of carpets, the Carpet Factory in Lhasa produces traditional Tibetan Carpets exported to all over the world through Guangzhou. There’re altogether 300 workers in the factory. Men workers are mainly in charge of spinning while women workers are in charge of weaving. All carpets are handmade into various styles, patterns and sizes, but most stages of production are controlled by machines and the dyeing is not completed in the factory at present. The carpets made here feature bold designs and bright colors and can be used to lay on the floor and hung in the wall. When having a tour in Lhasa, this factory should be your must-go resort. Besides, your journey will be much delightful if you buy a carpet in the factory to serve as a souvenir.
Since the factory is the downtown area of Lhasa, thus it will be much convenient for you to get there.