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Tibetan Traditional Hospital

Brief / profile

With an area of over 40,000 square meters, the Tibetan Traditional Hospital is the largest hospital among all the traditional hospitals on Tibet.

It stands in the Barkhor Street west of Jokhang Temple.

The history of the Tibetan Traditional Hospital (called Mentsekhang in Tibetan) can date back to 1916. it was originally used as a teaching institution. In 1959, the Mentsekhang was merged with another medical college by the government. After an expansion 1980, the hospital takes on the present appearance with 450 staff altogether.

Architecture / Structure / Each scenery.

The Tibetan Traditional Hospital is dedicated to the research of Tibetan traditional medicine and the calendar calculation. The Tibetan doctors hold that there’s a close relationship between the weather and human body. On the wall hangs beautiful thangkas explaining the system of Tibetan medicine. Moreover, tourists will also have the chance to the see statues of Medicine Buddha. In addition, you can also visit the unique vessels, herbs as well as ores used as raw materials on show. You must be impressed by the mystery of Tibetan traditional medicine.